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Pure Water Fed System

At TC Window Cleaning Services we specialise in Pure Water Fed System for window cleaning.

Pure Water Fed System allow windows to be cleaned very well by taking off dirt with a soft bristled brush while at the same time rinsing off the dirt with pure water.

The window is then left to dry and you will notice that the windows won’t have a streak on them thanks to the purified water process.

Some benefits include:

  • Third storey windows easily reached
  • Clean and sterile windows that stay cleaner for longer
  • Environmentally-friendly as our system uses no harsh chemicals or detergents

The Pure Water Fed System is fast becoming the method of choice for cleaning conservatories, solar panels, skylights and hard to reach windows.

Operating at peak efficiency, it is in the safest  and most environmentally friendly way to clean windows.

Conservatories, Guttering and Fascias and Solar Panels

Ideally, conservatories should be cleaned at least twice per year however this will be dependant on the location and environment around the conservatory. Another service provide is can clearing and cleaning guttering and fascias at your home. In addition, TC Window Cleaning Services can clean solar panels; this is essential to maintain the efficiency of the solar panels. Please contact me for a quote in regard to any of the services we provide.

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